Are you Wasting Good Money on Bad Meetings? Find out here.

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Do you enjoy meetings?

You do attend quite a few of them don’t you?

 After all, the average employee attends 61.8 meetings in a month.

 47% of employees say that meetings are the “number one time waster at the office”

 I am betting you attend at least 15! (25% of 60)

 How many of these meetings do you find to be really productive?
How many of these meetings could have been shorter?

Quite a few I am sure!

How much does a meeting cost you?

 I am not talking about airfare, hotels, meals and all that jazz.
…just employee salaries.

Time is money, right?

How much more money will you make with shorter meetings?

I say ‘less time’, because meetings are of course necessary.
But what if you could do the same amount of work in far less time?

That’s one of the things we show our clients to do in our Time Management Training and Coaching Programs.

Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to add numbers to your bottom line.

Back to the question…

How much are these meetings costing you?

We created a Meeting Cost Calculator using a simple excel sheet.

It will just take you 45 seconds to see your cost per meeting and the total cost per month.
You also see how much money you will save if you reduce the time of each meeting by 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Before you hold your next meeting, first check how much it will cost using our Meeting Cost Calculator

That way, you will keep your meeting as short as possible!

Sounds interesting?

To get the meeting cost calculator for free, click here.

But how do you reduce your meeting time?

 It’s easier than you think! Follow our blog and find out!

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