Want Better Productivity? Focus on Your Health

Want to be more productive? Want to being your ‘A’ game to office everyday? Keen on tackling your daily tasks with motivation? The solution is simple: Give importance to your health! It may sound unimportant or downright silly, but what you eat, how much you exercise, whether you smoke or not, all directly impact your productivity levels. … Read more

7 Smart Ways to Avoid Office Distractions (even when chained to the desk)


Is your office a minefield of distractions? You are working under a tight deadline. Client wants the presentation by end-of-day. You rub your hands together and get down to work, only to get interrupted… again. The phone starts to ring or your colleague walks up to describe the antics of her 3-year-old niece. Two hours into the day … Read more

4 Must-Have Productivity Tools: Ignore them at your Peril

You know about online calendars. Email is a regular tool in your daily routine. Your new smartphone with the built-in video-calling app lets you connect with your team members effortlessly. Technology tools are a great productivity booster. Research shows that technology-related productivity in the workplace has increased by 480% per hour in the 40 years … Read more

Setting Goals? Avoid these 3 Deadly Mistakes

goal setting mistakes

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You work hard to meet targets. You aim high and dream big. You are ambitious and motivated. Yet, you consistently fall short of achieving your goals. Don’t you feel like kicking yourself? Who wouldn’t? Don’t do it yet, though. Focus instead on the process of setting goals. “A goal properly set … Read more

8 Sneaky Tricks to Clobber your Afternoon Slump

beat the afternoon slump

It’s midday. You have a lot to finish today, don’t you? But… Your eyelids are getting heavy. You stifle a yawn (then ten!). The world is turning a bit fuzzy around the corners. You have been bitten by the afternoon slump. Also known as the post-lunch energy dip, it hits most of us in most offices usually … Read more