5 Powerful Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs


  Dmitry Dragilev is the founder of JustReachOut – a PR tool which currently helps 2000+ entrepreneurs and startups reach out to journalists and get press coverage daily all on their own without the help of PR firms.   As an entrepreneur, you probably think more about traction and growth than anything else. However, these is … Read more

A Weird, yet Powerful Productivity Approach from Jurassic Park

findfocus_martin boddeker

Have you seen the classic movie – Jurassic Park? A wildlife amusement park, created to be structured and safe, suddenly turns chaotic and dangerous for the visitors due to small unrelated and unpredictable incidents. Does your productivity suffer the same eventuality? Mine certainly does! I will start the day with great intentions of working through … Read more

How to Use Internal Communication to Boost your Team’s Productivity

Know what causes the most damage to a team’s productivity? Bad communication. Communication within an organization is often a battle. A war that ends up with missed targets, overworked and dissatisfied employees and frustrated bosses. Employees have little clarity about what the top bosses are trying to achieve. What does my company really expect from me? … Read more

4 Chrome Extensions that Help you Win Your Battle Against Distractions

  Staying on task and being productive – especially in a work setting – is becoming increasingly difficult in the online age. Between emails, push notifications, and the ever-inviting temptation of the web itself; it can be difficult to stay focused. If you find yourself easily distracted during work time, then as the saying goes: … Read more

How to Boost Your Productivity With the Paper Notes Hack

Do you get easily distracted? I certainly do. I‘m always googling random things and taking notes every time I have an idea. Which is often. However, as a startup founder, it’s important for me to maximize the time I spend focusing on important tasks. Writing articles, working on our website, and creating product pitches all … Read more