A Weird, yet Powerful Productivity Approach from Jurassic Park

findfocus_martin boddeker

Have you seen the classic movie – Jurassic Park? A wildlife amusement park, created to be structured and safe, suddenly turns chaotic and dangerous for the visitors due to small unrelated and unpredictable incidents. Does your productivity suffer the same eventuality? Mine certainly does! I will start the day with great intentions of working through … Read more

How to Boost Your Productivity With the Paper Notes Hack

Do you get easily distracted? I certainly do. I‘m always googling random things and taking notes every time I have an idea. Which is often. However, as a startup founder, it’s important for me to maximize the time I spend focusing on important tasks. Writing articles, working on our website, and creating product pitches all … Read more

About Time: Benefits of Tracking Time and How to do it Effectively

We’ve all had those days where minutes quickly turn into hours and yet your work stays on your desk – undone and waiting for the next day. So what’s really happening to your day? Many people don’t realize how much time they’re frittering away on a daily basis. That’s because they really have no idea how they … Read more