5 Free Apps for a More Productive 2018

free productivity apps

With over 2.8 million apps, it’s hard to know where to start. As the volume of apps continues to grow, the process of searching for the right tools to stay productive can be overwhelming.  

Here are five free productivity apps to reclaim your time and make 2018 your most successful and productive year yet. Regardless of the type of business you are in or how you work, these apps will help increase your productivity and help you reach your goals faster.


free productivity appsTired of losing important call notes? Keep forgetting to follow up on important business calls? Always on-the-go? Then this is the productivity app for you.

IOVOX is a free Android app changing the way you handle calls.

Evaluate your calls before they start, take call notes, then organize and act on them when they finish – from anywhere. IOVOX is packed with awesome features like call sharing, tags, and flag reminders to making calling a way more productive and collaborative experience.  

With one click, you can easily share important call highlights with colleagues, schedule follow up reminders and use tags for high level visibility into the calls and people that matter most. Best of all, this information is available from anywhere, all in one place. Stay tuned for the iOS App coming soon.


2. Brain.fm

free productivity apps
Struggling to stay focused on your work throughout the day? There are too many interruptions and distractions that hammer away at our concentration – team members asking a question on Slack, social media, an unexpected phone call and so on. Over time, our brains lose the ability to concentrate even if there’s nothing to disturb us.

Consequently, it can be difficult to focus on one single task for an extended duration and get it done.

Brain.fm is an app, available on iOS and Android, which plays music designed specifically to help your brain reach concentrate. It has different tracks that can also help you relax, meditate or even fall asleep more quickly.

Use it to start your day off right and get in the groove for a highly productive and successful day.

3. StickK
free productivity apps

Having goals is one thing, but achieving them is an entirely different ball game. To help you accomplish your goals, use StickK, a free goal-setting platform created by behavioral economists at Yale University. Whether your goal is to get 10 new customers a month or run five miles every day for 6 weeks, StickK can help you get there.

This app, available on iOS and Android, is designed to help you accomplish your goals by helping people eliminate the tireless gap between setting and achieving goals. StickK lets you put money (or your personal ego) on the line to help you get there.

How does it work?

You define your goal and stake a certain amount of money to take the steps to achieve it. Alternatively you have a referee who tracks whether you have completed the steps or not. Then you invite friends to monitor your progress.

Doesn’t matter what the amount is, no one likes to lose money. The human tendency of loss aversion is enough to push you to do whatever you need every single day to accomplish your goal. And let’s not forget, it also pushes you by making you accountable to your friends.

Leverage the power of StickK to turn your goals into reality and make this year really count.

 4. Flipboard

free productivity apps

Wasting time scrolling through countless sites looking for quality content?

Whether you need to keep track of an industry at work, or wish to stay on track of your personal interests, a lot of time is wasted on just searching for the right content.

What if you could have fantastic content ready for you, without having to spend time searching for it?

Flipboard collects quality content based on your interests from the world’s most trusted sources and presents them to you in a beautiful magazine style that’s enjoyable and digestible. No more browsing, no more tabs. Now you can enjoy better, curated content, all in one place. Check out Flipboard on iOS and Android.

5. Mindfulness

free productivity apps

Mindfulness is more than just a new age fad. Practicing it can enhance your concentration, clarity of thought, decision making ability, analytical abilities and more. All of which are critical skills for progressing in your career.

Over time, it helps you sleep better, eat healthier and stick to your healthy habits – all of which contribute to your productivity.

The trouble is, mindfulness can be difficult to practice on your own, which is why we have an app!

The Mindfulness App features a five-day guided introduction to mindfulness to get you started. You can even set reminders to stay focused and committed to your practice, all for free. Give it a try today and let the practice of mindfulness get you on the right track for success.

Comment below and let me know if these apps would help you enhance your productivity. What other productivity apps do you like? I’d love to know.


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