On The Job Training: 3 Low-Cost But Powerful Strategies for Employee Development

Training your employees can be expensive! The 2014 State of the Industry Report by the Association of Talent Development found that businesses spent $1,208 in learning expenses per employee. For small organization with less than 500 workers, however, the cost balloons up to $1,888 per employee annually. And with cash flow problems being the reason … Read more

Why Managers Love it When their Teams are Uncomfortable Working Together

When you think of teamwork, do images of comradeship, triumphs, and smiles come to mind? On the surface, that’s exactly what great teams look like. What you don’t see, however, is the effort it takes to paint such a picture.  Good teamwork doesn’t just happen. It takes careful direction and full participation from every person … Read more

How UnitedHealthcare is making Small Business Insurance Simple and Affordable

This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthcare. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Let’s face it. Small businesses have a lot of trouble attracting and retaining good talent. The most talented people still prefer to work for larger companies. And it’s not always about a higher paycheck or a about the reputation of working … Read more

Why Women Need Impression Management to be Successful at Work

The most important markers of a successful career are challenging, skill-enhancing assignments, recognition as a talented, highly motivated individual, and ever-increasing responsibility and visibility. A career with these characteristics depends in large part on the people controlling your workflow, exposure, and training having very positive impressions of you. Hard work and first-rate work product are … Read more

How to Boost Your Productivity With the Paper Notes Hack

Do you get easily distracted? I certainly do. I‘m always googling random things and taking notes every time I have an idea. Which is often. However, as a startup founder, it’s important for me to maximize the time I spend focusing on important tasks. Writing articles, working on our website, and creating product pitches all … Read more