Viraltag Review: How to Save Time When Marketing Content on Social Media

What’s that one marketing tool necessary to elevate your brand and grow your business? Social Media Marketing. Over 90% of online marketers agree that social media is crucial for their business. Users have seen a 70% increase in their sales just by actively using Facebook to promote their brand. But there’s a glitch. Creating and sharing … Read more

Scaling Up Your Business: 33 Leaders on the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid



Scaling up a business is a very different ball game from starting a business. 

A new level brings with it numerous challenges. If you get it wrong, you will either lose a lot of money, or worse – you might even have to shut down.

The best way to avoid some of these mistakes is to listen to leaders who have successfully scaled up and learn from them. To know more about what mistakes one should avoid, we reached out to several leaders who have built and/or grown successful businesses. We asked them this question:

“What’s one key mistake that CEOs need to avoid when scaling up their business?”

We got answers from 33 globally-renowned leaders – from tech as well as ‘non-tech’ businesses.

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How to use Habit Stacking to Boost your Productivity: SJ Scott Interview

Steve ‘SJ’ Scott is one of the most prolific writers on productivity! With 22 books under his belt in the past 4 years, you know that he’s an insanely productive writer! He’s also the founder of the popular blog ‘ Develop Good Habits’. Steve believes that “the only way to improve yourself is to set … Read more

4 Must-Have Productivity Tools: Ignore them at your Peril

You know about online calendars. Email is a regular tool in your daily routine. Your new smartphone with the built-in video-calling app lets you connect with your team members effortlessly. Technology tools are a great productivity booster. Research shows that technology-related productivity in the workplace has increased by 480% per hour in the 40 years … Read more

What do you need to become successful? The million dollar question

Great question isn’t it? Joy (my co-founder) and I have read numerous books on this topic, had conversations with many successful (and super-successful ) people, and coached business leaders and millionaire entrepreneurs from around the world. We believe that there is no single formula to being successful. However, there are certain common attributes that all successful people … Read more