Setting Goals? Avoid these 3 Deadly Mistakes

goal setting mistakes

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You work hard to meet targets. You aim high and dream big. You are ambitious and motivated. Yet, you consistently fall short of achieving your goals. Don’t you feel like kicking yourself? Who wouldn’t? Don’t do it yet, though. Focus instead on the process of setting goals. “A goal properly set … Read more

Form Any Habit in 10 Foolproof Steps: Infographic

Think of a habit that you tried to pick up. Was it: 30 minutes of daily exercise, reading, writing, eating healthy, reaching inbox zero, meditating, playing the guitar, learning a new language, or spending time building your own business? Remember how excited and motivated you were in the beginning? However, 3 months later, when a … Read more

8 Sneaky Tricks to Clobber your Afternoon Slump

beat the afternoon slump

It’s midday. You have a lot to finish today, don’t you? But… Your eyelids are getting heavy. You stifle a yawn (then ten!). The world is turning a bit fuzzy around the corners. You have been bitten by the afternoon slump. Also known as the post-lunch energy dip, it hits most of us in most offices usually … Read more

5 Ways the Mailbox App Saves You 20 Minutes Everyday

The Mailbox App

When was the last time you tried a productivity app that really amazed you? The best apps start saving you time right away. They are easy to learn, easy to use and have a free version that you would be happy to pay for! Mailbox is all of the above,  except, that it’s completely free! Already a … Read more

5 Things You Need to Do to Become an Innovator

Have you ever wondered how people like Steve Jobs, AG Lafley (former P&G CEO), Pierre Omidyar (founder Ebay) and Thomas Edison came up with those disruptive innovations that changed the world? Based on the extensive research of three globally renowned management experts: Clayton Christensen (of Harvard) Jeffrey Dyer (of Mariott School BYU) & Hal Gregersen … Read more

9 Productivity Hacks from Craig Jarrow, Mark Shead & Mike Williams @ Quickbase webinar

What do you get when you have 3 of the world’s leading experts on productivity together for a webinar? Lots of tips that can save you hours a week! In a tête-à-tête with personal branding expert Dan Schawbel, productivity experts Craig Jarrow (author of Time Management Ninja), Productivity501‘s Mark Shead and Mike Williams (CEO at David Allen Company) … Read more