Three Reasons why Exercising will Boost your Time Management Skills

Can you do 10% more work in a day by working 10% less? How? By exercising! I am not talking about lifting weights or running a mile. All you need to do is a few warm-ups for 5 – 10 minutes a day! So how can exercising improve your Time Management skills? 1. Exercise lowers stress … Read more

7 Reasons Why Coaching Works Brilliantly as a Leadership Development Tool

Remember that time when your boss gave you that piece of advice? Your boss thought the advice was great. You did not! You were thinking, “He/she doesn’t really understand my problem!” Remember your friends telling you about how their bosses gave them bad advice? It happens to everyone right? What about when you are the … Read more

Neelam Dhawan, HP India MD, shares 6 Leadership Lessons

What can the India Head of the $64 Billion Hewlett Packard Company teach you about Leadership? Lots! At a TiE interaction with Neelam Dhawan, HP India Managing Director, I had the opportunity to learn valuable perspectives on Leadership and Strategy. Here are Six Leadership Lessons: 1. What got you here will not get you there. … Read more

Why Sales Training Fails and What to do about it

85-90% of sales training fails to make an impact – ES Research. $5 billion being spent annually in the US on sales training, this amounts to a staggering waste of $4.25 billion a year. You hire the biggest sales guru of all. All your people are excited about the training. Everyone loves the training and speaks … Read more

Using Coaching to increase CRM Adoption by your Sales Team

74% of organizations globally have poor CRM adoption. Which essentially means that salespeople at these companies do NOT enter their interaction and other data regularly into their CRM. Does your company fall within that 74%? If yes, this blog post will give you a tried and tested solution. But first, why do salespeople not use … Read more

LEAP: The Coca-Cola Leadership Development Programme @ NHRDN Special Event

It all began with a phone call one fine Sunday evening around three years back.
PV Ramana Murthy, Executive Director – HR at Coca-Cola, India, received a call from Nick Wall, Group Director, Human Resources at the Bottling Investments Group (BIG) – Coca-Cola.
“PV, the senior leadership team has taken a decision to initiate a leadership development programme for mid-level managers at BIG…would you like to be a part of it?” asked Nick.