Productivity For Students: 5 Simple Tips for Getting Top Grades

productivity for students

At home or in school, it is easy to get distracted when you are faced with social media pings, online games, facebook chats and instagram alerts.

No wonder, so many students find it extremely difficult to be productive and focused on studies.

Wondering if you’ll ever be able to concentrate and write that essay you must submit tomorrow, instead of wasting hours surfing the internet?

In this post, I’ll share 5 productivity tips for students that will help you stay focused and productive during the school year.

1. Take Care of Your Body to Fuel Your Mind

Your productivity relies heavily on your health.

Remember – you are what you eat.

If you dive into sugary donuts before a test, the outcome won’t be good for your work or waistline.

Sugary treats give you an instant energy high followed by an even bigger crash. So, by the time you get to class for that test, you won’t be able to keep your eyes open.

Eat a healthy and stable breakfast every morning. This helps to build your metabolism for the day. Also drink lots of water. Our body is made up of mainly water and fluids. If your body starts to lack that fluid then it will cause you to become sluggish. Try to carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

Getting the right amount of sleep is also helpful. Sleep is essential for you to be able to focus.

Exercise regularly. It helps release endorphins. Go for a walk or do some jumping jacks. It’s recommended to have 20 minutes of activity a day.

2. Get Organized

Organization is key to being more productive. It is hard to be productive when you don’t know where everything is.

If you have a filing system, you will be able to get more done. It will ensure that your time is spent doing the task at hand instead of finding the paper you need with the directions.

Make to-do lists so that you can stay on track with everything you need to do.

3. Remove the Distractions From Your Space

Distractions are the number one reason that students do not get things done. They bring productivity to a screeching halt. Try to remove them from around you before you get started with anything.

Find a place that is off limits to everyone. Make sure it is quiet and you’re not disturbed. If you can’t find a place like this then go to your room and paste a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside your door. This way you’re not distracted when working or studying.

Turn the phone off. It can be very hard for some to completely turn the phone off but that is the best thing to do.

Turn the television off. Like the phone, the television is another added problem that is not needed.

Some students find it helpful to listen to music in the background. Try listening to classical or something without words. Sometimes listening to your favorite music will make you want to sing along. While that can be fun, it will distract you from your homework!

4. Manage Your Time

Time management is one of the hardest things to stick to when you are a student. There is always so much to do!

Set specific time for play and for studies. Make a schedule and stick to it. Make sure to schedule some breaks as well. It is hard to focus without some away time. Also remember to take short breaks in between.

Procrastination is a downer. We know that some things are easier said than done. If you push something back over and over then it will never get done. It is a mindset to push through it and not wait till later to do something. Leaving things to the last minute means they are rushed and you will not be happy with the final product.

Doing your best means putting everything into that assignment. Remember that you are only one person. You cannot do it all so only take on what you know you can get accomplished.

5. Remember Free Time

It is good to be productive and follow through with everything that you set your mind to. It is also good to remember that you are only human. You need to have some free time away from your work as well.

If you don’t have some free time, you will burn out fast. Reward yourselves with a special coffee or a lunch out with friends. The work will still be there when you come back. Remember to go back to it.

Which of these tips will you apply today?

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