On The Job Training: 3 Low-Cost But Powerful Strategies for Employee Development

Training your employees can be expensive! The 2014 State of the Industry Report by the Association of Talent Development found that businesses spent $1,208 in learning expenses per employee. For small organization with less than 500 workers, however, the cost balloons up to $1,888 per employee annually. And with cash flow problems being the reason … Read more

How UnitedHealthcare is making Small Business Insurance Simple and Affordable

This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthcare. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Let’s face it. Small businesses have a lot of trouble attracting and retaining good talent. The most talented people still prefer to work for larger companies. And it’s not always about a higher paycheck or a about the reputation of working … Read more

Want Better Productivity? Focus on Your Health

Want to be more productive? Want to being your ‘A’ game to office everyday? Keen on tackling your daily tasks with motivation? The solution is simple: Give importance to your health! It may sound unimportant or downright silly, but what you eat, how much you exercise, whether you smoke or not, all directly impact your productivity levels. … Read more

7 Reasons Why Coaching Works Brilliantly as a Leadership Development Tool

Remember that time when your boss gave you that piece of advice? Your boss thought the advice was great. You did not! You were thinking, “He/she doesn’t really understand my problem!” Remember your friends telling you about how their bosses gave them bad advice? It happens to everyone right? What about when you are the … Read more

Neelam Dhawan, HP India MD, shares 6 Leadership Lessons

What can the India Head of the $64 Billion Hewlett Packard Company teach you about Leadership? Lots! At a TiE interaction with Neelam Dhawan, HP India Managing Director, I had the opportunity to learn valuable perspectives on Leadership and Strategy. Here are Six Leadership Lessons: 1. What got you here will not get you there. … Read more