Here’s what a few experts and CEOs are saying about us…


mike vardy s1

Mike Vardy

Productivity Strategist and Founder of Productivityist

“Peter has a solid understanding of productivity practices and is able to guide people to more productive uses of their time and energy through his writing and his work.”


johnleedumas_2 sJohn Lee Dumas

Founder of EOFire

“If you want to know about productivity techniques that are based on solid science and actually work, listen to Peter, he’s on FIRE.”


Michael SliwinskiMichael Sliwinski

Founder of Nozbe and Editor of Productive! Magazine

“Peter understands what it really takes to become more productive and live a successful life. He’s passionate about making people become better versions of themselves.”


andrea_mailbird_sAndrea Loubier

CEO, Mailbird

“You want to  learn the best practices to be productive? Peter is your man! His guides and blogs are an awesome source of great practices.”


Jovita Montes De Oca

Chief Executive Officer, Calibrated Healthcare Network

“If time and productivity management are your top most issues, then Peter is your man! Science based techniques and simple yet effective exercises can prove game changer for you! Way to go Peter!”


joanna-jast-head-shotJoanna Jast

Amazon Bestselling Author of Laser-Sharp Focus

“Peter is right: You don’t need more time. You need more Attention. His strategies for improving focus are simple and simply work.”

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