Leadership for Productivity – Training and Coaching

What if your team could deliver 20% more with 20% less?

Sounds like a sales gimmick, right?

How can that be possible?
Aren’t you already doing all that you can with your team?

You have taken your leaders through various training programs with experienced (and expensive!) training consultants.

The funny thing is, you are having trouble measuring a quantitative impact on your business.

Think about it –  if any training impact is so difficult to measure, is it really working?

Bottom line (you won’t like this!) – your training programs aren’t working.

You are in good company. Did you know that 90% of leadership training programs fail to deliver a measurable impact? 

Do I have a solution?

I do.

But first – what goes wrong?

Consider this…

If I took you through a 2 day leadership training and asked you to change your behaviour based on what I say, will you actually change your behaviour?

When was the last time you changed your behaviour? How easy was it to change?

Isn’t change tough?
If it was easy, would you be on our website right now?

The good news – change is easy, if you know exactly how!

The answer does not lie in ‘change management’ or in any exotic ‘leadership theory’.
It’s somewhere else.

Something simple, uncomplicated – something very specific. Something which isn’t on this page!

Do you want to know exactly how we will boost your team’s output by 20% in 20% less time? Reach us here

How do we work with you?

Two ways…


Leadership for Productivity Training

Intended for: A group of managers
Delivered as a single event (1 or 2 full days) or as a series of 90 minute events over a few weeks.
What do you get? 

  • Understand the exact formula to peak performance
  • Streamline and speed up various modes of interaction within your team (work allocation, emails, meetings, feedback conversations, etc.)
  • Make your team really excited about their work
  • Eliminate those activities that don’t add value
  • Coach your team members to double their productivity
Leadership through coaching_pic

Leadership for Productivity Coaching

Intended for: Individual Leaders (mid to senior managers)
Coaching is the most powerful Leadership Tool available today. In this approach we work with one of your key managers. In a step by step approach, we guide him/her to tackle challenges in your organization and supercharge your teams’ performance.

  • Easy wins – we identify those areas where you can quickly boost performance with little effort
  • This builds up excitement and momentum for more gains
  • In each session, your leader learns a new method. He/ she applies it personally and then transfers the skills to the team.
  • Areas covered are – employee engagement, feedback, meetings, emails, energy levels
  • Within a few weeks, your team will not only double their productivity, they will be far happier with their jobs!
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