Presentation Skills Training Programs

How do you get an applause from your audience?

How do you make people…
Excited about your presentation?
Really enjoy it!
Focus on you and not on their smartphones?
Understand your complex ideas or technical topics without having your domain knowledge?

How do you get tough decision makers to accept and support your ideas and initiatives?

Whether you are a novice at presentations or have been giving stunning presentations for years, our Presentation Skills Training Programs can show you things you have never done before!

Yes – we will get you that applause!

The two levels of service that we offer are:

1. Training Workshop: This comprises delivery skills as well as content design.

2. Workshop + Presentation Design: We help each workshop participant design and create standard formats for their own presentations. Our extensive design experience guarantees that we will create  attractive, clear and persuasive presentations for you.

This is what we cover in our Presentation Skills Training Programs…

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Powerful Presentation Skills

Intended for: People who aren’t experts at presenting (yet!)
This workshop includes a step by step approach from planning to design and delivery.

  • Plan: What do you want your audience to: Know, Feel, Learn, Believe and Support?
  • Design: How do you deliver your message and through what media – slides (text, images, charts), videos, props and more.
  • Engage: Connect with the audience and make them love you!
  • Explain: Make technical topics simple by speaking to them in their language
  • Respond: to difficult questions
  • Remain Confident: even when you are have stage fright!
  • Persuade: Get them to support your ideas and initiatives
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Advanced: Persuasive Presentations

Intended for: Managers with previous experience in presenting.
Do you deliver presentations where you need decision makers to support your ideas and initiatives – like budget approvals and new product/market ideas? If yes, this training is for you.

  • Use advanced persuasion tools to convince your audience
  • Identify and address the circles of influence in the audience
  • Resolve the concerns of key stakeholders
  • Make compelling arguments without causing resentment or deadlocks
  • Resolve the 23 most common objections to your initiatives and ideas with specific, tried and tested responses
  • Link your presentation to your overall influence strategy

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