Time Management for Sales

How can you sell more by doing less?

How much time are your salespeople spending on calls, on emails, on visits?

What if your salespeople could save 2 extra hours a day?

85-90% of sales training fails to make an impact – ES Research.
$5 billion being spent annually in the US on sales training, this amounts to a staggering waste of $4.25 billion a year.

We know! We have been through that ourselves.

Which is why, we will not try to ‘teach’ you how to sell.

We are the only firm in India which focuses on Time Management and Productivity.
That’s our approach to boost your sales by 20%

Give us your average salesperson and we will boost his productivity by 20%.
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Sales Productivity Programs…


Time Management for Sales Training

Intended for: Sales Executives and Managers
This training program can be delivered as a single event (1 or 2 days) or a series of 90 minute sessions over a few weeks.

  • Plan and Prioritize: Your day, your week and a long term plan for your long time goals
  • Cut down your time on email by 80%
  • Spend 30% less time in follow ups
  • Maintain high levels of physical energy throughout the day
  • Maintain focus and concentration for each call that you make
  • Eliminate activities that do not add value to pipeline advancements
  • Use the right technologies get things done faster
Leadership through coaching_pic

Leadership for Sales Productivity

Intended for: Sales Managers only
Delivered as:
1) a single event (1 or 2 days)
2) a series of 90 minute sessions over a few weeks
3) Individual Coaching for your sales leaders.

  • Understand the exact formula to peak performance
  • Streamline and speed up various modes of interaction within your team (work allocation, emails, meetings, feedback conversations, etc.)
  • Make your team really excited about their work
  • Eliminate pipeline activities that don’t add value
  • Coach your team members to boost their productivity


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