Stress Management for Productivity

How does stress affect your productivity?

In a huge way!

Too much stress affects our physical energy, focus, concentration, decision making ability and the list goes on!

Think of a time when you were really productive.

Chances are – you were in the zone – comfortable, excited, in your element.
Like a formula one race driver or a master batsman.

Doesn’t happen if you are too stressed, does it?

You can never eliminate stress completely.
But yes, you can significantly reduce stress and manage it.

Having helped hundreds of people manage stress very effectively for over 16 years, we are quite sure we can do the same for your employees.

We cover four approaches to stress management in our training programs…

1. Tools for Diffusing Stress Quickly: You are facing a bad day at work with a tight deadline. These tools will quickly calm you down and help you focus and concentrate. This takes 2-5 minutes and you don’t even have to leave your desk!

2. Tools for Increasing Stress Tolerance: If you are facing the same stressful situation everyday, these tools change your response to stress. The situation no longer stresses you out.

3. Tools for dealing with Persistent Issues: These tools allow you to go deep inside your mind and address the psychological core of stress triggers. Things which have been bothering you for years get cleared up.

4. Methods for helping your team deal with stress: This is where you, as a leader, take measures to create a work environment where people feel lower levels of stress.

Here are the two Stress Management Training Programs that we offer…

stress management and wellness training_pic

Stress Management for Productivity

Intended for: All levels
This workshop includes methods to diffuse stress quickly – anywhere, anytime, as well as advanced methods to deal with persistent stressful situations.

  • Identify the factors that cause you stress
  • Use a variety of tools to manage stress: NLP, meditation, alpha visualization, CBT, acupressure and many more
  • Create and apply a plan to enhance your wellness – everyday
  • Gain more satisfaction with work and life
  • Become healthier and gain more physical energy levels
Managing stress in your team_training_pic

Managing Stress in your Team

Intended for: Managers only
This workshop will give managers the tools to create a low-stress work environment, enhance employee wellness and performance.

  • Identify factors which cause stress in your company
  • Recognize signs of stress in your team
  • Deploy management best practices to mitigate stressful situations
  • Coach your team members to deal with stress
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