Viraltag Review: How to Save Time When Marketing Content on Social Media

What’s that one marketing tool necessary to elevate your brand and grow your business?

Social Media Marketing.

Over 90% of online marketers agree that social media is crucial for their business.

Users have seen a 70% increase in their sales just by actively using Facebook to promote their brand.

But there’s a glitch.

Creating and sharing posts on social media takes up a lot of time. No wonder certain companies have departments dedicated solely to social media!

But if you are a small business or a solopreneur, creating and sharing individual posts daily can be a daunting task.

What’s the solution?

Use a social media scheduling tool like Viraltag.

We at SuccessIsWhat used Viraltag to find out what works and what doesn’t.

In this post, we’ll explain what’s super awesome about this tool and how Viraltag helped us save precious hours while we scheduled our content on social media like a pro. 

Viraltag Home Page with scheduled posts


Upload & Schedule in Bulk

Viraltag is fairly simple to use. You create a library of all the posts that you plan to share through your social media channels. The tool allows you to form subgroups for your library to organize and maintain the posts based on the topics.

It was a bit time-consuming to create 20-30 posts in one go. But once it was set up, Viraltag directly posted the content on our social media handle at the specified day and time, through its Post Scheduling feature.

The post scheduler let’s you pick several dates to send the post multiple times. We were also able to fully customize the time slots to the last-minute.

Perfect Timing

If you are curious which time slots are most effective to share your posts with your audience, sync your Viraltag account with your Google Analytics. Viraltag will then tell you the specific time when your posts had the maximum views.

This is an awesome feature as it helped us focus on sharing our best content at the most appropriate time.

No more second-guessing when or if our audience will see the post.


Automatic Post Recycling

Sometimes due to connectivity issues, certain posts don’t get posted on social media. Viraltag notifies you which posts did not get posted on its Failed Posts tab. It also gives you the option to retry posting the article.

But what happens if you don’t have the time to create new content or your scheduled posts fail to get shared?

If you can’t create, recycle. You can add some of your old best-performing posts on the Evergreen Content tab. Instead of creating new posts (which is a time-consuming activity), use these evergreen articles when you need to send content but don’t have time to create ones. 

Evergreen posts also come in handy if your scheduled articles fail to get posted.

You can put any post in the Evergreen Post tab by simply marking the post as ‘Evergreen’ when you are scheduling it or after it has been shared on social through the ‘Recent Posts’ tab.

This arsenal of backup posts is a much better alternative than manually reposting some old content.

Share Remotely

This is a great feature. Very few social media scheduling tools have remote work accessibility.

If you have a small team or work remotely, you can add team members in your Viraltag account. They can then submit posts and articles in the Drafts tab. You can select, edit and post these articles according to your editorial calendar.

This saves a lot of time on unnecessary meetings or emails discussing which posts need to be sent out.

Collaborate Effectively

Apart from promoting your website/blog/article you can also collaborate and share them with other influencers and contributors in your niche.

Viraltag’s Circles feature allows you to find and communicate with similar minds in your niche.

You can share your posts inside the circle and promote your content. It saves time in finding relevant audience to reach out to. Your audience is already available inside Viraltag!

Post-it Directly

If you are browsing the internet and find some posts that you need to share you can directly post it from that website instead of creating a separate post, using Viraltag’s Chrome extension.

Resize On-the-go

Many times we find the perfect image to go along with our post, but it often needs resizing to fit the size limit of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media channels.

Instead of resizing through MS Paint or any other software, you can resize it through Viraltag’s Canva integration which automatically edits the image to the default size for different social media channels.

Social Sharing Made Easy (and quick)

Efficient social media management goes a long way in expanding and strengthening your brand.

With consistent engagement, you gain loyal fans.

Using an effective social media sharing tool like Viraltag even works to improve your productivity.  Do you need a better incentive?

How do you share content on social media? Let us now in the comments below.

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