Why Sales Training Fails and What to do about it

85-90% of sales training fails to make an impact – ES Research.

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$5 billion being spent annually in the US on sales training, this amounts to a staggering waste of $4.25 billion a year.

  • You hire the biggest sales guru of all.
  • All your people are excited about the training.
  • Everyone loves the training and speaks volumes of the trainer.

And then…nothing happens!
Your sales numbers remain the same as before!
Bottom line – failure!

But Why?

There are many reasons, but here’s the most important one…

You selected the right sales trainers. He developed the right content.
But he never told you what to do after the training!

  • Did each salesperson have a roadmap of how they would apply the learning?
  • Did they take into account they won’t get it right the first time? That they have to experiment and keep trying?
  • Were they accountable for the results?
  • Were you supporting them to implement the learning?

Most companies never go that far.
No wonder they end up wasting $4.25 billion a year!

What do you need to do?

Make sure that your salespeople have:

  • An implementation roadmap
  • Support
  • Accountability

How do you provide that?

When we deliver sales training programs at FreeMind, we provide the necessary implementation support, through…

  • Individual sessions with participants
  • Setting up online knowledge sharing forums
  • Establishing a buddy system
  • Making an implementation plan with milestones and accountability.

But there’s a far more effective way…

Sales Coaching to the Rescue!

We train the sales managers in sales coaching!

Sales productivity increases by 88% as a result of sales coaching – Sales Executive Council

Sales Coaching is the 21st Century approach to sales leadership. You can use it to boost sales performance to extraordinary levels.

You can use it for:

  • Support salespeople to implement a post-training roadmap
  • Guiding them through a specific deal
  • Helping star performers do even better
  • Helping underperformers become achievers
  • Getting salespeople to take full ownership
  • Boosting their motivation, job satisfaction and engagement levels
  • Keeping star salespeople from leaving your company
  • Getting them to hold themselves accountable

Managing your people becomes so easy with sales coaching!
Which is why I even say that,

“Don’t train your frontline salespeople, train your sales managers in sales coaching.”

Sales Coaching can finally be the solution you were looking for!
Don’t wait! Use it!

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